Meet our Team

Director, Randy King

Drumlins Country Club’s Operations Manager, Randy King, has been promoted to the position of Director as of November 15, 2022. King has served in this position in an interim capacity since July, 2022.

Operationally, King will ensure that the club’s members, guests, visitors, and neighbors who play golf or tennis, enjoy the pool, dine at Bistro 1926, or host an event, tournament, or camp will enjoy a first-rate experience.

“We will continue to add value to our members and guests by incorporating new amenities and facilitating necessary upgrades, all while focusing on improving the experience we offer to SU students, faculty, and staff,” said King. “It is paramount that we keep our club up-to-date and current with member expectations, while preserving its traditional warmth and heritage.​​”

Internally, King aims to build a team that is dedicated to member services, Drumlins’ amenities, and best-in-class hospitality.

“I am a firm believer in providing people with purpose, engagement, and empowerment to thrive and feel happy while performing at a high level,” King said.

A Central New York native, King spent the last 20 years in leadership positions focusing on sales and hospitality throughout the country, including stops in Denver and Ft. Lauderdale. He held the role of Operations Manager at Drumlins since his arrival at the club in April 2022.