And so it began in 1926.

We are a renowned New York golf landmark with a rich history filled with indoor and outdoor recreation enjoyed by many Central New Yorkers for the past 95 years!

Drumlins Country Club was established in 1926 after Roderick S. Burlingame Sr. purchased the 260-acre Nottingham Farm. In the spring of 1928, Drumlins opened its Clubhouse and Grand Ballroom. The Clubhouse was originally a barn from the farm while the ballroom was the hayloft.

​Over the years, Drumlins built banquet and dining facilities, two ski hills with towropes, multiple tennis courts, and two outdoor skating rinks. One rink was used for hockey, while the other was a public skating rink with a 1,500-person capacity. In the 1960s, Burlingame added a 12-lane bowling center and a pool for a swim club.

Over time, however, the ice rinks, ski hills, and bowling center were all torn down for economic reasons. Under Syracuse University’s ownership, Drumlins grew to include two 18-hole golf courses, a swimming pool, a driving range, a tennis center featuring multiple indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a restaurant, and a banquet center. The original barn converted in 1928 by Burlingame is still in use.